My Weight Loss Before and After Pictures

Weight loss before and after pictures and weight loss success stories can inspire women to lose belly fat...Even after 40!

Before Weight Loss

Before Weight Loss
after weight loss

After Weight Loss

These are my weight loss 'Before' and 'After' "belly fat" pictures, taken almost 2 years apart.

Believe me, finding a 'before' picture of myself was quite a project.

Back then I avoided having my picture taken or at the very least I made a point to sit if I couldn't avoid the camera.

I was THAT embarrassed about showing my belly fat!

In the beginning...

At 35, I blamed my getting a fat belly, low energy, and random bouts of depression and anxiety on the demands of motherhood.

My doctor had assured me that this was all ‘perfectly normal’.

After all, I was a full time mom - all very taxing on the body and the mind.

I went back to my sedentary lifestyle believing that running after 2 children all day was stressful and provided plenty enough exercise.

By age 39, nothing had changed (other than an ever increasing waist circumference) and my doctor assured me once again that it was ‘normal’ and suggested I try cutting calories.

After all, I was in peri-menopause...the prelude to menopause.

I went back to my sedentary lifestyle now blaming my belly fat, constant exhaustion and the Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde-like bouts on peri-menopause.

Weight Loss Success Stories...

One day I came across a magazine article about people who had lost half of their body weight and were successful at keeping it off long term.

Aside from the impressive changes in their before and after weight loss pictures, these people had one very important thing in common.

Their dietary approaches and weight loss stories were all different, but there was one recurring theme that tied their stories together.

Each one of these people had tried and failed to lose weight many times, but it was only when they found what worked for their particular body type did they accomplish their weight loss goal…and maintain it.

Six people...six different weight loss diet plan variations... and each one equally successful.

Here's what I eventually came to understand.

There are no "one size fits all" weight loss diet plans and each of us is as unique as our fingerprint.

A weight loss diet plan that works like gang-busters for one person may be a dismal failure for another!

Other people's weight loss before and after pictures...

It was truly a major turning point in my life.

I began researching and designing my own healthy diet plan.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t yet fully understood the power of nutritional typing, where you design your diet plan based on your metabolic makeup….yes, it’s as unique as your fingerprint.

I documented everything I ate in a diet journal.

I then put to use my own nutritional education and began looking for the most effective natural weight loss supplements.

The fact that women who were able to lose excess weight successfully ALL credited the use of natural weight loss vitamins and supplements (NOT drugs) wasn't lost on me!

I finally found what I believed (and still do) to be the best line of natural womens' health supplements available. I still take them today as do many of the women I personally coached.

Some things worked better than others and some didn't work at all...I just kept tweaking it. My results told me what to keep doing and what to dump.

In time I eventually created my own belly fat diet plan.

It was a compilation of many great ideas that I knew were effective for menopause weight loss.

I taught and shared my ideas with other women - with some simple tweaking, it worked for them too.

Why Not Create YOUR OWN weight loss before and after pictures?

That took me almost a year to perfect, however there IS a short cut that I’ve since found that I'm excited to share.

It makes losing belly fat so much easier.

Menopause Belly Fat Be Gone!

My once embarrassing fat belly became a flat belly, as you can see in my weight loss before and after pictures.

My energy level soared and the mood swings that were once considered 'normal' all but disappeared.

Fast forward to today and as a nutritional weight loss coach, I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience to help other women – particularly those of us past the big 4-0, when menopause weight gain begins to take hold.

I can SO relate! But I’ve also found some very effective solutions.

Plus I've found a wonderfully effective way to share my knowledge and experience through the power of SBI!

Seriously ladies, as we move towards menopause age excess belly fat becomes a more serious health issue. Apart from aging us THAT much faster, it can take away from the quality of this wonderful phase in our lives - that we SO deserve. is good and now my hope is to inspire YOU to make the necessary changes in your own life so that YOU too can create your own weight loss before and after pictures and tell your own weight loss before and after success story!

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