Your Waist Circumference
It's More Than Just A Pant Size...

What's waist measurement REALLY telling you?

Yes, ladies it’s true.

Your waist circumference is more than just a pant size…your waist measurement is also a pretty good indicator of potential health risks.

As it expands, so too does the risk of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and cancer increase.

The National Institute of Health warns women about the importance of reducing belly fat and according to them, the most healthy waist measurement for women is 31.5 inches or less.

A midsection over 35 inches significantly increases a women’s risk of heart disease and diabetes. For men, the limit is 40 inches.

The average woman’s waist circumference these days is over 36 inches!

Measure your own waistline to get a better idea of how close (or far) you are from 31.5 inches.

Use a fabric tape measure (the kind you use for sewing) and be sure to measure your waistline at its most narrow point, usually just above your belly button.

For accuracy, be careful not to squeeze the tape measure too tightly or hold it too loosely.

Dangers of Belly Fat on Women

If your waist circumference measures more than 35 inches, it definitely means you need to lose some abdominal fat, but more importantly it’s a pretty good indicator of a high percentage of visceral fat and should be a red flag for you!

Visceral belly fat on women is common because it’s the most conducive area in the body for the on-going production of estrogen hormones as women age.

Visceral fat has a life of its own.

By that I mean that it’s metabolically active. It actually produces inflammatory molecules and fatty acids that are then metabolized by the liver.

This now produces blood cholesterol or LDL and when it’s released into the body, your risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and hypertension sky rockets!

So losing abdominal circumference (by reducing belly fat) and maintaining a healthy body weight can go a long way in helping to reduce your risk of many of the common diseases prevalent in our society today.

A healthy waist circumference can add years of good health to your life!

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