How to Stop Carb Cravings

Want to stop carb cravings? Here’s how…

How to stop cravings. No matter how well we stick to our diet plan, we’ve all experienced them at some point.

Have you ever experienced those days or evenings while sitting in front of the tv or just mulling about when you’re suddenly overcome with a craving for something sweet or salty or even crunchy?

Carb cravings can easily sabotage your best diet plan or the weight loss success that you’ve been working so hard at maintaining.

Do carb cravings ever stop? How to turn off carb cravings or at least control them?

I believe it’s important to understand the causes of carb cravings first...then you’ll know exactly what you need to do in order to stop carb cravings dead in their tracks.

Causes of Carb Cravings

The good news here is that there’s usually a pretty good reason for experiencing carb cravings.

Once you know what those are for YOU, then changing what and when you eat will help you gain better control over them.

Here’s a list of the key causes of carb cravings.

See which ones apply to you and make the necessary changes to help stop carb cravings from sabotaging your weight loss success.

1. Waiting too long between meals : This is one of the most common causes of carb cravings.

Waiting longer than 2 – 3 hours before refueling your body often causes a drop in blood sugar levels which in turn will increase carb cravings.

Never allow longer than 2-3 hours to pass before having a meal or a high protein snack.

When I’m on the go and pressed for time Prograde’s delicious Craver’s Bars is what I usually reach for to stop carb cravings.

With less than 200 calories per bar, and NO preservatives or trans fats, Cravers Bars can easily be tucked away in your purse for a quick and easy snack anytime...or to squelch those occasional cravings for something sweet.

They come in three great flavors and if you’re struggling with how to stop carb cravings, Craver’s bars can really be a more healthy self indulgence!

2. Not eating enough protein at mealtime : Protein helps to keep your blood sugar levels balanced and helps to keep you feeling full longer.

When you eat a meal that’s high in carbohydrates (pasta, bagels, white rice, etc.) these foods are also high glycemic foods and they will cause an immediate surge followed by a sharp drop in blood sugar levels. These sudden surges and drops only exacerbate your carb cravings.

You can stop carb cravings by choosing high protein foods as your main menu item. Add higher glycemic carbs in very small amounts as a side dish only, or better still, replace them with healthier vegetables and salads.

Include protein with every meal or snack. A high quality whey protein shake (I use and recommend Prograde’s Whey Protein as it’s the highest quality) makes an excellent high protein snack and I include at least one protein shake each day.

3. Eating too many white, processed, simple carbs : Foods like this are usually high glycemic foods and are low in fiber (both protein and fiber help to keep you feeling full longer).

Also referred to as fast carbs, these foods include white bread/bagels, white rice, and sugary foods like cakes, muffins, etc.

Stop carb cravings by eating more low glycemic index carbs, and high fiber, low carbohydrate grains

Avoid high glycemic foods and simple, white carbs and include more high protein foods.

4. Lack of healthy fats : Unfortunately most women (me included) considered ALL fats to be unhealthy and avoided them as much as possible.

However, by doing this I was constantly feeling deprived, hungry and getting crankier by the day.

Ladies, healthy fats are our friends and can be so helpful when trying to lose belly fat!

By healthy fats I mean a mix of Omega 3, monounsaturated fat and even a little saturated fat. Fats help to deliver critical nutrients to your body; in fact Vitamins CoQ10, K, D, E and A can’t even be absorbed without fat.

Healthy fats are also critical for balancing your hormones and keeping your metabolism fired up and humming along smoothly.

Like protein, fat takes longer to digest so it also helps to avoid the sharp spikes and drops in blood glucose levels.

Stop carb cravings by including healthy fats daily into your diet plan. For example, whole eggs, real butter, coconuts, avocados, nuts, seeds, organic dark chocolate and oily fish such as sardines, anchovies, salmon, and mackerel…and of course Omega-3 DHA Fish Oil.

5. Low calorie intake throughout the day : Did you know that if you consistently under-eat your hypothalamus automatically protects you from what it perceives as starvation?

It does this by signalling the increase production of a special neuropeptide (NPY) and gelanin.

These chemical messengers are what trigger you to suddenly crave more starchy, sweet or high fat foods for immediate energy.

So eating too few calories in the end will only sabotage your weight loss efforts and cause more carb cravings. You can avoid or stop carb cravings by steering clear of weight loss diet plans that encourage extremely low daily calorie intake.

I think it’s worth mentioning Isabel De Los Rio’s Diet Solution Program here. Isabel’s program can actually help you to design your own healthy diet menu.

Once you determine your daily calorie requirements in Chapter 4, she goes on to explain throughout Chapter 5 how to identify your protein, carb and fat ratios based on your particular body type.

More importantly, you will also learn which foods are ideal for you and how to plan healthy meals around those foods.

Furthermore, The Diet Solution Program even includes a “Completely Done For You Meal Plans” ebook, so all the guesswork is gone! All you need to do is follow your specific meal plan.

How easy and convenient is that?

A quick start guide, recipe guide, shopping list and a weight loss success journal is also included and I believe it really rounds out and completes The Diet Solution Program ...which is likely why it’s one of the most successful online weight loss programs available today.

In short, it’s effective and it works.

6. Lack of sleep : Believe it or not the consistent lack of sleep can affect hormones that regulate hunger, satiety and even how efficiently your body burns calories.

Lack of sleep lowers leptin levels and increases ghrelin levels, triggering increased cravings for carbohydrates.

Getting at least 7 -8 hours of good quality sleep every night will go a long way towards helping to stop carb cravings.

7. Stress : When you’re under stress the adrenal glands produce cortisol.

Cortisol in turn will increase the production of certain neuropeptites which in turn increase your cravings for starch or sugary foods. Your body does this naturally to help maintain your energy levels as a natural response to a stressful situation.

Although stress is a little more difficult to control, you can help stop carb cravings by putting aside some quiet time each day for meditation, yoga, tai chi or just a nice brisk walk.

Exercise is extremely effective for stress release.

8. Insulin Resistance : Women who are insulin resistant tend to experience cravings for carbs a lot more.

If you suspect you are insulin resistant, I suggest you visit your doctor and have the necessary testing done to confirm this condition and follow their instruction. This is a health condition that if left unchecked can lead to full blown diabetes.

How I Curb Carb Cravings

For me personally, it was definitely a protein and healthy fat inadequacy...especially in the early days of my weight loss journey.

Adding more protein and healthy fats to my diet helped to stop carb cravings for me altogether. In fact, they all but disappeared!

Also I began taking Women’s Total Balance Nutritional Supplements as well as Omega-3 DHA Fish oil daily too.

These days when I do find myself craving carbs it’s usually due to stress. I always keep a few Prograde Cravers’ bars handy just for those make or break moments.

They’re just enough to satisfy my craving and get over the hump without sabotaging my diet plan!

Ladies, hopefully this list will help you to better pinpoint your particular triggers or causes of carb cravings and more importantly help you to stop carb cravings altogether and get rid of belly fat fast.

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