How To Speed Up Metabolism

And Lose Belly Fat Fast

Tips to increase metabolism for women naturally!

Here’s 6 helpful tips that will help you speed up metabolism or kick-start a sluggish or slow metabolism.

Keeping your metabolic furnace at its maximum helps you burn belly fat quickly and efficiently – even while you sleep!

The faster your body is able to metabolize food, the less chance that it’ll end up as belly fat, love handles or saddle bags on your body.

So here’s 6 fool proof ways to increase metabolism and help you to burn belly fat fast.

1. Avoid yo-yo dieting, crash diets and fad diets

Fad diets and the like can wreak total havoc on your metabolism and can create an endless cycle of weight loss and weight gain - what I call the ‘Fat Belly Syndrome’.

For the full story I suggest you read, “The Fat Belly Syndrome - How We Unknowingly Sabotage Our Efforts to Burn Belly Fat And End Up With a Fat Belly Instead”.

The 3 Fatal Flaws of A Fad Diet

2. Never skip breakfast

Skipping breakfast is the fast track to a slow metabolism.

Your metabolism can slow down by almost 25% overnight and is highest in the morning, so never skip breakfast.

If you do, your metabolism is more likely to slow down to compensate for the lack of calories after fasting all night.

Moreover, later in the day you’ll be more likely to have a lower energy level and an increase in food cravings.

3. In fact, don’t skip ANY meals

Your metabolism slows down when you skip meals in order to conserve fat (energy) for future needs.

By the same token, it also speeds up if it “knows” you’re going to refuel your body every 3 or so hours, so you want to get your body accustomed to eating smaller meals every few hours.

4. Eat 5-6 small meals each day

Ironically, the more often you eat, the more you’ll speed up metabolism and the faster you’ll burn belly fat too. This actually ties in to the point above.

Each ‘mini’ meal should consist of approximately 300-500 calories each eaten two to three hours apart.

Remember, the idea is to speed up metabolism by eating small meals often.

I often refer to my personal copy of The Diet Solution Program to design meals and find new and interesting recipes.

It's one of the most effective diet plans for women today and will help you design meal plans that are best suited to your individual nutritional type.

Remember, it’s eating (not starving) that keeps your fat burning furnace stoked. Starvation or skipping meals on the other hand is what creates a slow metabolism.

5. Follow your body’s natural rhythm

Here’s a good rule to plan your meals around.

Eat like a queen in the morning, like a princess in the afternoon and like a jester in the evening.

In other words, your largest meals should be eaten earlier in the day when your metabolism is most active and become smaller as the day progresses – especially carbohydrate wise.

It’s been proven that our bodies don’t handle carbohydrates well in the evening so eat the majority of your carbohydrates early in the day.

Eating foods high in protein (especially for breakfast) is one of the best ways to increase metabolism. These are foods that burn belly fat and speed up metabolism quickly!

Avoid eating large meals in the evenings when your body tends to slow metabolism down.

6. Build More Lean Muscle

FACT: The more lean muscle tissue you have, the more you’ll speed up metabolism and the faster you’ll burn belly fat.

Muscle tissue is metabolically active, meaning it burns energy (calories) just to exist, so the more muscle you have, the faster your fat burning.

In fact, just one pound of muscle burns between 50 – 70 calories a day.

You don’t have to become a body-builder either. Just add some lean muscle tissue to your body by including some exercise into your lifestyle.

Personally, I’ve enjoy pilates, yoga, dance and interval training routines for building muscle.

Interval training is great because it incorporates both resistance and cardiovascular exercise and you can begin at any level of fitness - the idea is just to become more active and engage your muscles more.

There's lots of great ideas in "Best Exercise to Lose Weight".

Finally, to speed up metabolism quickly, I suggest that you also....

Adopt healthy eating guidelines into your diet plan and focus on high protein, low carb foods; foods that speed up metabolism quickly and naturally.

Practice proper food combining as much as possible – eating the right foods in the right combination, at the right time.

Stay active or become active if you’re not presently – build some lean, mean, fat burning muscles.

You’ll be surprised at how fast you’ll burn belly fat and how much more vibrant and healthy you’ll look and feel!

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