Low Glycemic Index Foods List

Best food choices for low glycemic index diets

Here’s your Glycemic Index listing of Low Glycemic Index Foods.

They're considered to be the best food choices to help boost your efforts to lose belly fat fast.

Low Glycemic Index Foods

The foods listed below are low glycemic index foods.

Their G.I. rate (the number beside each food item) ranges anywhere from 0 to 55.

There will always be some variance in G.I. counts depending upon different factors (sources used, etc.), so in some cases the G.I. counts were estimated.

However it’s safe to say these foods fall well within their respective GI limits and can be considered to be low glycemic index foods.

What's one of the best known ways to lose belly fat fast?

  • Eliminate white foods out of your diet - white pasta, white rice, white flour, white sugar, white potatoes. Substitute them with low glycemic index foods instead.

  • Replace those foods with whole grain pasta, brown rice, whole grain flour, yams, and xylitol or stevia as sweeteners.

  • Eat protein at every meal.

  • Choose foods that fall mainly into the low glycemic index foods list daily; eat sparingly from the medium glycemic index foods list; and avoid high glycemic index foods altogether.

Proteins and Fats

Proteins and fats have no carbohydrate content and therefore have no effect on insulin levels or blood sugar.

These include Meat (beef, chicken, pork, lamb, veal), Fish, Eggs, Fats and Oils and some Nuts.

Low Glycemic Index Foods

BREADS (30g)

Sourdough Rye 48
Oat Bran bread 48
100% Wholegrain 51
Rye bread (50% rye, 50% wheat) 50
9-Grain Multigrain Bread 47
Tortilla, 6” corn 52


Apple Cider <15
Apple Juice, unsweetened 41
Blackberry juice 47
Coffee (regular/decaf.) <10
Cappuccino 39
Cranberry Juice (light) 47
Grapefruit Juice, unsweetened 48
Lemonade (natural) 37
Mineral Water, sparkling 0
Orange Juice, fresh 46
Tea, black, green, herbal 0
- Ice Tea, unsweetened 0
Tomato Juice 38
Vegetable Juice (V8) 43


Chocolate chip cookie, (1) 45
Dark Chocolate 70% cocoa 22
Gelatin dessert, sugar free 0
Muffins, 1 small (apple) 48
Peanut butter cookie, (1) 44
Snickers chocolate bar 41
Sponge Cake, plain 46
Custard 43
Pudding 44

CEREALS (30 g)

All Bran cereal 38
Bran Buds cereal 47
Hi Fiber Bran Cereal 43
Porridge, cooked (steel cut oats) 52
Porridge, cooked (rolled oats) 55


Ketchup (light) 44
Marmalade (reg.) 48
-low sugar 46
Mustard (prepared, Dijon) <10
Nutella chocolate hazelnut spread 33
Peanut Butter <10
Pickle. (dill, sour) <10
-sweet 48
Soy Sauce <10
Tabbouleh 35
Worcestershire sauce <10


Cottage cheese (non-fat, 1%) 30
Cheese (low fat) low
- Laughing Cow cheese (light) low
Soy milk (regular) 44
- low fat 30
Ice cream (Vanilla) 47
Milk, Cow, whole 40
-1 or 2% fat 30
-(skim) 31
-fat free 32
-chocolate 42
Yogurt, plain 14
-low fat, natural 35
-with fruit 36


Apple 34
Apple Sauce (unsweetened) 40
Apricot, (dried) 32
Blackberry (fresh) 44
Cherry, sour 22
Chestnut (roasted) 24
Cranberry (raw) 44
Grapes 43
Grapefruit 25
Kiwi 47
Lemon 32
Lime 32
Lime Juice 32
Mandarin orange (fresh) 42
-canned 46
Mango 41
Mulberry 44
Nectarine 42
Orange 48
Passion fruit 42
Peach (fresh) 28
Pear 33
Plantain 38
Plum 24
Prune 29
-sweetened 47
Raisin 49
Raspberry (fresh) 40
Strawberry (fresh) 40
Tangerine (fresh) 44
-canned 46


Barley, pearled (boiled) 35
Buckwheat 49
Bulgar 48
Rye 48
Quinoa 35
Sesame Cracker 48
Oatmeal 48

Pasta (180g)

-Whole Wheat Spaghetti 45
-Capellini 45
-Penne 38
-Fettuccine 40
-Macaroni 45
-Lasagna noodles 47
-Vermicelli 35
-Whole wheat 37


Black-eyed Peas 42
Butter beans 46
Chick Peas (canned) 45
Kidney bean (boiled) 29
Lentil 28
Lima bean (frozen) 32
Navy beans, boiled 39
Peas, dried 22
Pinto bean (canned) 45
Romano beans 46
Soy beans, boiled 15
White bean (canned) 13

NUTS (50 g)

Almonds <10
Brazil nut 0
Cashews 25
Peanut (roasted) 14
Mixed Nuts & Raisins 21


Pasta Sauce (Tomato & Basil) 24
Baked Beans 40

Soups, canned, 1 Cup

- Beef with vegetable <10
- Chicken <10
- Chicken & Vegetable 43
- Lentil 44
- Minestrone 39
- Onion 32
-Tomato 38
-Vegetable 38
Chili, 4 oz. (canned, regular) 38


Agave organic syrup 19
-light 10
Barley Malt syrup 42
Black Strap molasses 55
Brown Rice syrup 25
Evaporated Cane juice 55
Fructose, 50 gm. 24
Lactose, 50 gm. 43
Maple sugar 54
Stevia <1
Sugar Cane juice 43
Xylitol, 25 gm. 7
Yukon Root syrup, raw <1


Artichoke <10
Asparagus <10
Avocado 0
Broccoli 0
Brussels Sprout 7
Cabbage 0
Cauliflower 0
Celery 0
Cucumber 0
Eggplant 15
Green Bean 0
Kale <10
Leek 15
Lettuce 0
Mushroom <10
Onion 13
Peas (frozen) 39
Pepper, Sweet <10
Radicchio 0
Radish 0
Rhubarb 17
Soybean 15
Spinach 0
Split Pea 32
Summer squash 17
Tomato (fresh, canned) 15
Tomato Juice 38
Wax Bean – Yellow 30

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