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Weight Loss For Women Over 40

Congratulations on taking your first step and
making the decision to lose belly fat!

I’m sure you’re probably already overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information and advice on the web these days regarding weight loss for women over 40 or to be more precise losing belly fat for women over 40.

Please don’t let that intimidate you!

Given the right tools and resources, you absolutely CAN and WILL lose belly fat…even menopause belly fat!

See my Before and After Weight Loss pictures here.

I can speak from personal experience on the subject of (to put it candidly), going from a 'fat belly' to a 'flat belly'.

I'll show you how I achieved a flat belly AND re-sculpted my body completely at 40+ (and more!).

Believe me when I tell you that I’ve felt the humiliation of being asked when I was “due” - when I wasn’t pregnant and hadn’t been in 10 years!

And “belt” was a four letter word in my world back then…as was ‘clothes shopping’.

I’ve known the sheer frustration of shopping for clothes that not only fit, but also camouflaged my stomach fat…not an easy task!

I wore baggy, oversized clothes most of the time justifying that they were ‘comfortable’…but hardly fashionable.

Have you or someone you know had a similar experience? It's upsetting and demoralizing to say the least. Believe me, I've been there and done that!

As a nutritional weight loss coach I’m excited to share the many healthy weight loss tips I’ve learned along the way - as well as my personal belly fat diet within these pages!

I’m happy to offer my personal experiences, insights, helpful tips and product recommendations too as I continue to add pertinent information to this site.

Belly Fat Blues is truly a labor of love!

Just so you know, be assured that I only recommend products or services that I’ve either personally checked out myself, or that come from experts that I know and trust.

How To Lose Belly Fat…Really!

The truth is there is no ‘one size fits all’ belly fat diet plan or quick fix that will work for everyone.

You need to incorporate the RIGHT foods into your diet and eliminate those that won't help you achieve your weight loss goals.

The Diet Solution Program will help you do just that.

It’s one of the best weight loss plans you can use to achieve that hands down.

I speak from personal experience because I own it and use it in my weight loss coaching practice…it’s an indispensable tool for me.

In fact the first 5 chapters of the program are devoted to establishing the foods best suited for your nutritional type in order for YOU to lose belly fat.

The Diet Solution Program isn't about giving up the foods you enjoy, but knowing where these foods fit into your meal plan.

It doesn’t get much easier than that, ladies.

All the guesswork is taken out and YES, you CAN lose belly fat WITHOUT starving yourself and/or depriving yourself.

Just begin, one small step at a time, and do it consistently; over time you’ll be surprised at the results!

Vitamins For Weight Loss Success

All the exercise in the world isn't going to make up for poor nutrition so be sure to take your required daily minerals and multi-vitamins for weight loss success.

Joanna Maggs, MSc, Consultant & Medical Nutritionist, wrote a very informative article where she stated...

“Taking multivitamin and mineral products of the right quality and advancement have been shown to help reduce body weight and improve blood fat levels.”

In her article she also cites a study from International Journal of Obesity on “Effects of multivitamin and mineral supplementation on adiposity, energy expenditure and lipid profiles in obese Chinese women.”

The study results essentially confirmed what nutritionists have been saying for years...the women who took multivitamin and minerals daily had significantly lower body weight, body mass index, and body fat.

When you fuel your body with healthy natural vitamins and supplements and eat the right foods, the excess belly fat will begin to melt away.

Doing this alone will get you 80% of the way to a flat belly!

Add the right kind of physical activity to the mix and you'll be well on your way... that's covered here in this site too.

I've also included a small, but growing collection of some of my favorite fat burning recipes for you to try!

Losing belly fat for women over 40 can be particularly challenging so...

Finally, let me share this final tip with you that will increase fat burning substantially and help you lose belly fat fast…
and I DO mean FAST!

I regularly use Prograde Metabolism both to control and manage my appetite and to increase fat burning.

Prograde Metabolism contains Capsimax®, a bioactive substance that’s actually derived from capsaicin found in hot chili peppers.

Capsimax® not only has the ability to increase your metabolism significantly, it also prompts the release of the hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine. Result? Increased energy and stamina.

Wait, it gets better...

When released, these hormones also attach themselves to specific receptors found on the fat cell's surface and causes it to breakdown and burn away!

The result is more fat cells burned off and gone...that's fabulous!

Plus as it also activates a specific receptor that helps to control and manage your appetite better. Bonus.

Imagine if you also added some form of exercise to that mix...just to speed up and increase your results.

Are you getting a better picture of the power of Prograde Metabolism?

How incredible is that, ladies?

Now no doubt, there will be those times when it’s impossible to avoid eating a few more carbs, sugars or fats than intended. We've all had those times, so please don’t go feeling guilty or beating yourself up when it happens.

Just get back on track as soon as you can...no biggie. You can’t change what’s past, however you DO have control of what you do going forward.

Try implementing some of the ideas and products I’ve recommended to lose belly fat.

I’ve used them personally so I know they’re effective.

As always, it needs to be said. As you consider a change in your eating habits to lose belly fat, I recommend you discuss any new supplements, diet or exercise plans with your family physician.

So let’s get started...

Losing Belly Fat – What Every Woman Should Know

Sorting through the misconceptions on losing belly fat can leave most of us either totally confused or so overwhelmed that we just give up in frustration...it’s information overload...some of it’s even contradictory!

Keeping a Diet Journal can Double your Weight Loss!

It’s been well documented that self monitoring; doing things like keeping a diet journal and tracking your daily food intake is one of the most effective ways of ensuring belly fat loss success.

In fact, it can actually DOUBLE your weight loss!

Downloadable Diet Tracker

Get your downloadable Diet Tracker here.

Printable Weight Loss Chart

Get your printable Weight Loss Chart here.

My Belly Fat Diet

You asked, so here’s an outline of my personal belly fat diet. It’s a simple and relatively easy diet plan that I followed to lose belly fat.

Lose Belly Fat Fast – My Top 15 Sure-Fire Tips

Our top 15 simple but sure-fire quick weight loss tips that work.

Lesser Known Ways For Getting Rid of Belly Fat

Lesser known ways of getting rid of belly fat that most popular diet plans don’t tell you about.

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