Healthy Eating Guidelines for Belly Fat Loss

Rapid weight loss ideas for losing belly fat

Here's my 9 personal favorite healthy eating guidelines that I followed to achieve a weight loss of 25 lbs. and a trimmer, and well defined body at 40+.

I went from having a FAT belly to having a FLAT belly at 40+!

Losing belly fat will be easier when you incorporate these healthy eating guidelines into your lifestyle. I know they worked for me, so I’m sharing them with you.

Healthy Diet Plans Include These Healthy Eating Guidelines

1. Water and weight loss

Keep your body well hydrated always! Did you know that dehydration can cause weight gain?

Ditch the fizzy sodas – they leach calcium from your body and are full of sugar and empty calories.

Drink lots of purified water as your main source of hydration, and two or three cups of Green tea daily.

Both water and green tea are a natural metabolism boosters.

Did you know that including lots of high water content foods can also help body hydration? Staying Hydrated with High Water Content Foods

2. Healthy Eating Guidelines Include Lean Protein at Every Meal

That doesn’t mean you have to be chucking down steaks, chicken breasts or salmon steaks all day.

Good high protein foods include fish, eggs, tofu, low fat dairy and protein shakes made from high quality whey or soy isolates.

Trim the fat and skin off beef and chicken to cut down on calories and unhealthy saturated fat.

Some of my favorite high protein snacks include almonds, nut butters and low fat yogurt (I add my own fruit.

Protein helps speed up metabolism and can help you burn up to 40% more fat than carbohydrates or fats. That’s because protein takes more energy to digest.

It’s also used by your body to rebuild muscle tissue. More muscle burns more calories.

Protein also increases your level of alertness (eating eggs for breakfast is a great idea!) and keeps you feeling fuller longer throughout the day.

3. Healthy Eating Guidelines Include Carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates - These include whole grains like oatmeal, whole grain bread, steamed brown rice and beans as well as fruits and starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes, yams and squash and corn.

Simple carbohydrates - These are typically high glycemic, processed, empty calorie cakes, pies, mixed fruit drinks, pop, white bread, sugar, etc…eat them very sparingly (as a very occasional treat) or better still, avoid them completely.

Choose whole fruits rather than sweetened fruit drinks. The whole fruit contains fiber and is far better nutritionally speaking. Sweetened fruit drinks are high glycemic because of their concentrated sugar content and can cause severe insulin spikes.

Learn more about the Glycemic Index and get free Glycemic Index Chart Lists of High, Medium and Low Glycemic Index foods.

4. Healthy Eating Guidelines Include Healthy Fats

Healthy fats should always be included in healthy diet plans.

The best way to differentiate a ‘good’ unsaturated fat from a ‘bad’ saturated fat is if it solidifies at room temperature.

These include fats found in meat and animal products, dairy, butter, palm oil, shortening, margarine and trans fats (a man-made concoction) that will wreak havoc in your body and slow down metabolism.

Most of your fat intake should come from ‘good fats’; monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats like olive oil, coconut oil, Omega-3 fatty acids, nuts and fish.

Omega 3 essential fatty acids can actually help your body burn fat more efficiently.

I use minimal amounts of oil in food preparation (mostly organic coconut oil) and for dressing salads and vegetables I’ll use extra virgin olive oil.

Olive oil shouldn’t be used when cooking as it breaks down and can lose its beneficial qualities if heated at high temperatures.

5. Food combining for more belly fat loss

While every body utilizes macronutrients slightly differently, there are some proper food combining "tips and tricks" that are known to help speed up or in some cases ‘reprogram’ a slow metabolism that’s suffered years of abuse.

6. Stock your home with nutritionally dense foods

The best foods are usually found on the outer perimeter of your grocery store.

Here’s a list of the staple foods that I normally keep a supply of in my home to give you an idea.

Chicken/Turkey breast, Salmon, Tuna, Sirloin steak, Eggs, Low fat, plain Yogurt, Low fat Cottage Cheese, Olive oil, Almonds, Whey Protein powder, Salads, a wide variety of Vegetables and Fruits, Sprouted Whole Grain Bread (Ezekiel), fresh/frozen Berries.

Consider juicing for weight loss using high alkaline fruits and vegetables to really turbo charge your weight loss.

Juicing with high alkaline foods can help to curb appetite, diminish food cravings and balance your body’s natural pH level.

These 12 highest alkaline foods are guaranteed to turbo charge your weight loss and help you lose belly fat fast.

My 2 Favorite Juice Recipes For Weight Loss are simple, fast and nutritious recipes using high alkaline foods to help curb appetite and food cravings.

7. Healthy Eating Guidelines encourage low fat cooking techniques

Opt for simple salad dressing like olive oil and balsamic vinegar for your salads.

Instead of drizzling butter on vegetables, I often use virgin olive oil, a sprinkle of flax seed oil or even some lemon juice.

Avoid frying or sautéing foods. Try steaming, grilling, baking and stir frying in water or broth instead.

8. Watch out for low fat foods with added or hidden sugars and limit them

Prepared ‘Low Fat’ foods are often laden with sugar to make them palatable, so read labels carefully.

Yogurt is a good example. Opt for PLAIN, low fat yogurt and sweeten it yourself by adding fruit, berries, stevia or low glycemic agave nectar.

9. Healthy Eating Guidelines encourage you to eat what you enjoy occasionally

Ok, we all love the occasional decadent dessert or treat. My point here is to avoid feeling deprived so allow yourself the occasional treat without guilt. Otherwise we get bored and just give up on healthy diet plans altogether.

Your diet doesn’t have to be limited to 5 foods that taste like cardboard either…quite the contrary.

Are there enough nutritionally dense food choices that you would enjoy eating and that fit within the scope of these healthy eating guidelines? Absolutely.

Don’t eat what you don’t like, but do be open to trying new taste sensations. There are all kinds of great substitutes you can use if you’re creative…that includes desserts too.

Keep a diet journal. Keeping a weight loss journal can DOUBLE your weight loss!

Stay motivated by personal goal setting and revisiting or re-evaluating your weight loss often and just keep moving forward.

If you fall off the wagon once in a while, just get back on it and keep moving forward. Don’t give up because of one or two setbacks.

I encourage you to incorporate these healthy eating guidelines into any healthy diet plans and you’ll be well on your way to losing belly fat.

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