What’s The Best Exercise to Lose Weight?

Are you getting a fat belly? Take one step at a time...

I often hear, “What’s the best exercise to lose weight?” or "What's the best exercise to lose belly fat?" or even “How can I lose stomach fat or increase my belly fat loss?”

The truth is ladies, that both diet and exercise go hand in hand….if you do one and not the other you’ll have to accept that belly fat loss will take you longer.

Personally, when I began to exercise (an idea that was completely foreign to me throughout my 20’s and 30’s) I had no clue what the best exercise to lose weight was back then. Naturally, I gravitated towards an activity I thought I would enjoy.

Dancersize was all the rage at that time (does anyone remember Richard Simmon’s “Movin’ to the oldies”?) ….and I enjoyed dancing anyway, so…it was motivating to me and I stuck to it for a while.

Eventually that led to joining a lady’s gym and participating regularly in their aerobics (cardio) classes.

Looking back, my weight loss results doing cardio activities alone were “just ok” and I enjoyed it enough to keep going.

In fact, I actually began to look forward to getting out for that “me” time two or three evenings each week.

It was just the beginning point and of course, much has changed since then.

Belly Fat Loss Tip: 7,000 Steps Weight Loss

Buy a Pedometer and clip it to your waist in the morning. It counts the number of steps you take throughout the day and is both a great motivator and a great way to track how active you are.

If you find that you normally walk 7,000 steps a day, why not try for 8,000? For the most weight loss benefit, you should eventually aim to walk 10,000 steps a day.

The best exercise for weight loss for me eventually became a mix of resistance training, cardiovascular exercise and stretching.

Within weeks of incorporating this mix of exercises, (along with following a healthy diet plan) my body shape began to change.

What was once ‘heading south' fast began to perk up again! I began to lose my extra body fat, and more importantly my stomach fat and I began to feel much better both physically and emotionally.

My own personal experiences have taught me that there are no “secret” belly fat exercises or ab crunches or special stomach crunches alone that will help you magically lose stomach fat.

The only “secret” to belly fat loss is to find (or discover) activities that you really enjoy and that challenge you a little.

Any activity that’s fun for you won’t feel so much like hard core, nose to the grind exercise, so the best exercise to lose weight for YOU should include a balance of both.

You can design your own exercise program, which I don't recommend, as it takes a level of knowledge and expertise to design an effective exercise program. And you don't want to risk injuring yourself.

The next best solution is to incorporate an exercise program that's designed by a professional fitness trainer or a personal trainer.

These people have the training and the expertise needed to design programs with the best exercise to lose weight included.

So then, what's the best exercise to lose weight?

In a nutshell, the best exercise to lose weight is...(drum roll please!)

The best exercise to lose weight is any activity that gets your heart rate going, works both large and small muscle groups and most importantly, you enjoy doing so it's easy for you to stick to long term.

As we age it becomes that much more important to incorporate some type of exercise or physical activity into our life.

Want to lose weight fast? Try Rebounding!

A rebounding trampoline is a small circular trampoline that takes up little space, can be stored under your bed and is relatively inexpensive.

Rebounding is also known for its ability to stimulate the lymphatic system and help to remove toxins from the body.

Did you know that the calories burned rebounding for ten minutes is equivalent to 30 minutes of walking?

To turbo charge belly fat loss, you can even add some 2 – 5 lb. Velcro weights (the kind you can wrap around your ankles or wrists) for added resistance. You could literally bounce your way to a better body!

Exercise keeps our muscles and bones strong and our bodies flexible. It lowers the risk of osteoporosis, especially after menopause. It keeps our lungs and heart healthy.

The more you move, the better you’ll feel!

Women who exercise regularly or who stay physically active are not only healthier, but they also feel better about themselves. They have lower levels of stress, depression, sleep problems, and even loneliness.

Exercise helps you sleep better, feel less stressed and more relaxed and even helps you deal with life’s daily stresses more effectively.

Exercise will keep you looking and feeling younger longer. It helps you get (and stay) into your favorite pair of jeans and increases your self confidence.

Regular physical activity will help to ward off the occurrence of many ailments and diseases we as women are at risk of developing as we age.

I’m going to focus on the types of exercise that most effectively address weight loss for women over 40.

After all, we do have a few “issues” to content with than our younger sisters like hormones, gravity and a metabolism that’s naturally slowing down.

For those of you who are still with me, I’ve saved the best news for the last paragraph.

Visceral fat is the FIRST type of stomach fat you’ll lose when you begin to lose stomach fat!

Yeah for that!

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