The Top 12

High Alkaline Foods

Juicing for weight loss? Try these top alkaline foods!

Here’s a list of 12 high alkaline foods guaranteed to turbo charge your results when juicing for weight loss.

Try to include at least one or two of them and in their most natural state – raw and organic if possible.

If organic isn't possible or practical, be sure to wash your fruits/vegetables well to remove any residues.

I suggest you mix 1 teaspoon of dish washing liquid into 4-5 cups of warm water. Use a soft brush to thoroughly wash and/or scrub your fruits and vegetables, then rinse them really well.

This will help to get rid of at least some (but not all) chemical residues.

Interestingly, some fruits that are typically considered to be a highly acidic food (lemons, limes, etc.) actually have an alkaline effect in the body!

The foods marked with ** are the highest alkaline foods on the list, but the remaining fruits and vegetables listed are also excellent choices, especially for juicing purposes.

High Alkaline Foods List **

Enjoy these top alkaline foods raw and in their most natural state.



Broccoli **




Coconut Oil

Cucumber **

Flax Seed Oil

Garlic **


Grapefruit **


Green Beans

Green Tea

Herbal Teas

Hot Peppers

Kale **


Lemon **


Lime **

Olive Oil, cold pressed, virgin **

Parsley **



Spinach **

Sprouts - grains, seeds & beans **

Stevia **

Sweet Potato


Water with Lemon


High alkaline foods are especially helpful for decreasing the occurrence of hot flashes and increasing fat loss.

Now that you've seen the top alkalizing foods, here’s a shortened list of high acidic food for comparison.

Hmmm…It looks a lot like the typical Western diet doesn’t it?

High Acid Food List


Artificial sweeteners


Black coffee & tea




Dairy products


Most breads (wheat, rye)

Most condiments (ketchup, butter, mayo.)


Processed foods



Sugar, white

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