How To Lose Belly Fat

Over 40 Weight Loss for Women

Ladies, chances are you've tried to lose belly fat but found that:

  • Most weight loss plans either don’t work or are too restrictive.

  • Most exercise plans are too time consuming, complicated, require special equipment or...

  • They're just too difficult for your age or fitness level.

If your answer is an exasperated YES!...then you’ve come to the right place! Welcome, sister!

Before Weight Loss

Before Weight Loss
after weight loss

After Weight Loss

If you're a woman 40+ years old (just like me) who’s been struggling with peri menopause or menopause weight gain, you know how difficult it can be to get rid of belly fat!

The Truth About Over 40 Weight Loss

In our mid 30's our body begins to change...

  • hormone production changes
  • metabolism changes
  • lifestyle changes and...
Quite frankly, the weight loss strategies that worked in our 20's just aren't as effective in our 40’s.

Did you know that most weight loss and exercise programs you see nowadays are geared mainly towards the 20 -30's age groups?

The truth is that over 40 weight loss (particularly menopause belly fat loss) requires a somewhat different strategy.

Weight Loss for Women Over 40

You’ll find no tricks and no gimmicks here.

Just lots of useful information, resources and tips based on my experience and knowledge as a former weight loss coach who specialized in weight loss for women over 40!

You'll learn how to REALLY lose belly fat and keep it off permanently - at any age!

Peri-Menopause Weight Gain

For many of us, as our bodies transition and we move towards "the change", the hourglass shaped figure we once enjoyed slowly begins morphing into something that begins looking more like a beer mug!

Like it or not, ladies, our bodies are just not as willing to forgive and forget as they once were.

And then there's the big 'M' word - menopause. And with THAT often comes menopause weight gain.

Menopause Weight Gain

As we move through this wonderful stage of life, maintaining a healthy body weight becomes more important than ever.

After all, we all want to enjoy some life to our years, yes?

Learn more about:

  • How menopause belly fat appears and the important role that your hormones play.

  • Weight loss after menopause? How it's absolutely possible.

  • The dangers of visceral fat and the havoc it wreaks on your health.
  • What to do to 'stack the deck' in your favor and maintain a healthy body weight.

Flat Stomach Exercises Are Not The Answer

  • How to increase your metabolism naturally and lose belly fat fast - AND painlessly!
  • The best types of exercise to lose belly fat.

What's The Best Weight Loss Plan for YOU?

  • There's no "one size fits all" diet plan. Learn how to choose the best weight loss programs for you.

  • Proper food combining. Choose the right foods that when combined correctly, will increase metabolism naturally and encourage rapid weight loss.

Stress and Weight Loss

  • Getting a fat belly? Stress may be the culprit behind your battle with losing tummy fat.

  • What you can do to naturally reverse the effects of toxic stress and the symptoms of depression that often follow.

  • Lose belly fat to help lower your risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. It will add years to your life and life to your years.

Weight Loss Vitamins and Natural Supplements

  • Which natural weight loss supplements are most effective in helping you turn your 'fat belly' into a 'flat belly'.
  • Which natural supplements can help to increase your energy levels and even boost your libido.

Ladies, I know personally how frustrating it can be to lose belly fat!

I can honestly say that I've "walked" my "talk"...and I'm happy to now 'pay it forward' and share my knowledge and resources with YOU!

Follow some of the tips and recommendations I'll soon start feeling absolutely GREAT about how you look and enjoy a new found energy and vigor that you thought was long gone!

All this and more! Read on sisters and enjoy! :-)

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Contact Belly Fat Blues. Share your before and after weight loss success stories about losing belly fat
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Elaine, Personal Trainer

This is a great website where I found some products and ideas that helped me with the weight loss.

Great! I am so proud I found this site. Within the last 2 months my BELLY has gotten bigger and bigger. I am nearing the menopause stage early. Hormones are cruel! I have never been petite, but never had this smothering belly. I look forward to using this site. Thank you!

Great site! I'm 47 and just started using it. Blessings!

I am now back on track thanks to your help. I was having a hard go of it with losing the stomach belly fat and all the hot flashes. I took you advice and really loved the natural vitamins you suggested. It worked like a charm. Two months later I have lost 15 pounds so far and feel much better then I have in a very long time – more energy and hot flashes gone too! Thanks again to you and keep up the good work.

Great website. You need to write a book! Heck, I’ll be the first one to buy a copy of it and pass it out to my clients! Maybe we can collaborate on a future project?....
Elena, Personal Trainer

I love that your site is just for women over 40. There’s a real need for good guidance on hormones and weight loss for those of us in our ‘wiser’ years. I will be visiting your site often and advise my friends and colleagues to do likewise.
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